Riddhi was an MBBS student studying at a medical university. She was in her 3rd year. We all know how medical studies can stress you up. It can cause a lot of stress and anxiety when it comes to exams and practicals. While Riddhi was a studious girl, she was also interested in arts and singing. She used to paint in her free time and she was also everybody’s favorite. 

She was managing her studies as well as arts and crafts very effortlessly. But as the third-year final exams approached, she started to get worried about her performance in the exams. She had scored decently in her internals, but as compared to her previous performances, this was not very impressive. She started to have a negative outlook on her life. She discussed this topic with her parents and started complaining about how she should have not joined a medical college in the first place. Her parents tried to calm her down and make her understand that she was going great in her life. 

She was still not satisfied with her performance and started regretting her decision again. On Monday, she had her posting in a local hospital in the village. She was preparing her assignments. The next Monday, when she reached the hospital, she started doing her work and followed the instructions that were given by the senior doctors. The day passed by very quickly and she left for her hostel at 6:30 PM. On her way home, she saw a girl studying under the street light, because there was a power cut in the village. She saw a biology book in her hand and decided to approach the girl. Riddhi asked a girl, “What are you studying?”, the girl answered very happily, “I am studying biology for my entrance exam because I want to be a doctor”. Riddhi stood there looking at the girl who was so happy about studying for her dream. Riddhi saw her younger self in the girl. She remembered the time when she used to be excited about reading a certain book for her entrance exams.

Riddhi was lost in her thoughts, the girl said to Riddhi that soon she would ace her entrance exams and join her in the medical college. When Riddhi reached her hostel room, she couldn’t stop thinking about how happy and excited that girl was, even when she didn’t have all the facilities. This made Riddhi think about how small her problems were but she still couldn’t handle them and panicked whenever something didn’t happen according to her plan.

From that day till now, Riddhi has never thought about the bad things in her life. She always focuses on the bright side of her life. She is a Doctor now and also an artist because of her positive outlook towards life. 

This teaches us how we can always look at the positive side of things and situations and solve all the problems in our life.


  1. Padmanabhan Iyer

    Really Inspiring ,it Is how you look & think at about your self and sometimes we need to get encouraged realized by
    Looking at others perspective & positive outlook towards life.

  2. Zikria Mohammed

    It’s really awesome. Honestly I started crying, how thankless we are despite of having all the facilities.

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