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Pitch Perfect


Transactional Analysis

Introduction to the concept, the model and the basic premise of transactional analysis.
Understanding Ego states and their traits.

Design Your Pitch

Design your pitch based on the ego state of the customer for maximum impact.


The Program

The biggest challenge that sales teams and those with external interaction face is that of being able to engage the client, capturing their attention, tuning in with their mindset and thus improving their chances of cracking a deal.

‘Pitch Perfect’ is a tailor-made program on building an understanding around behaviours and communication. It incorporates the elements of a very powerful psychoanalytic concept called ‘Transactional Analysis’ and is aimed at helping us in bettering ourselves in our daily dealings and negotiations.

Duration : 75 Min


Transactional Analysis (TA)

TA is a theory of personality and relationships, introduced by Eric Berne, which gives us a picture of how people are structured psychologically. It is a very useful and fascinating framework for analysing the behaviour of both ourselves and other people. It offers some very useful insights into the impact of different behavioural styles on relationships between people. TA involves using knowledge and skills to recognise frames of mind; and from this to adopt a frame of mind that determines whether the transaction (i.e. communication, what the sender sends and what the receiver hears) is to be effective, ineffective, business-like or a crossed transaction leading to a misunderstanding.

Our Happy Clients!

It was a great session, not like other regular PowerPoint sessions; motivated us certainly. The confidence came up again to motivate the team to work better and achieve more.
Neha Kumar
Synoptek (formerly Indusa)
This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately!
Gaurav V
Khyati explained very well about how your own attitude and strengths will help you to achieve the set goals. YOU are the asset of your organisation.
Suryakant Chavan
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