My sessions with Miss Khyati were so so so helpful. At no point of time did any of her advice seemed impersonal, or judgmental. She is an amazing person and helped me change my outlook of life. With only few sessions, I felt a major change in all the aspects in my life that I wanted to change. I feel more positive and optimistic. She is very prompt, reaches out to you and treats you like a friend instead of a client. You can be as open with her as you want, and she will always treat you with respect and kindness. I am so grateful to her.



Khyati is a superb coach. She achieves the perfect balance of empathetic listening and gentle suggestion to allow the client to design, achieve, and sustain the desired change. She understands human behavior and the psychological roots of that behavior. Her knowledge enables her to identify the source of issues and to work with the client to resolve them quickly and deeply. Her coaching is not a band-aid nor is it an endless process of analysis. It is a goal-oriented, efficient process.

David Wittenberg, Professor


Khyati has deep insight and empathy and I instantly felt at ease in her presence. In my first session itself, she was able to get to the heart of what limits my growth and the key to transforming this tendency. Her approach is gentle, non-judgmental and encouraging.

Supriya Mathur


Khyati and I go way back. I did one coaching session with her. Khyati has a humanistic approach towards people. What I resonated with her was her ability to connect with the client, her empathy, her ability to understand the crux of the matter, later asking relevant questions and then guiding me to uncover and develop a concrete plan. Thank you Khyati for helping me unravel my latent potential. I wish her all the very best in life and make a positive impact in people’s life.

Sonal Goregaonkar


Katalist, as the name suggests is really a change agent. Khyati’s life coaching changed the paradigm in which I see life professionally and personally.
With an ideal technique of showing me the moral & morale compass Khyati has really given me the direction to leading a prudent and productive life. A mentor & master all in one, Khyati has been an immensely effective ‘Katalist’ in bringing the change for good!



I did an introductory Life Revitalization Session with Ms. Khyati Shah. It was a great session and experience. This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired. She has guided me in developing a constructive action plan to achieve my goals.

She has a practical approach and her suggestions are very practical. I would recommend to others to try her sessions. I believe that it will certainly benefit people to rediscover themselves. I wish her all the very best.

Vivek Awasthi



Ms. Shah has been very articulate in her assessment of problems and is very warm and humane in her approach which is a prerequisite for anyone to open. She had been able to make me open with my issues and share my disappointments as well as success and that itself is a great beginning as normally you don’t open up in the first meeting. She came across as someone whom we can trust. Her suggestions are practical, and I would recommend to others to try her sessions as I am sure it will benefit people to rediscover their hidden potential. We wish her all the very best and expect her to make a positive impact on people lives.

Dr. N Mohan


The problems and the solutions are all within us and sometimes lying dormant inside us. Khyati helped just to recon them without any bias, judgment or perceptions and then there were no puzzles, no confusions, no unfinished businesses. Just like removing an object obstructing clear flowing water. Khyati is great at connecting with the people by going there where they are and then helps them rise from there. Thank you Khyati and wish you all the best in all that you do.

Pooja Gaonkar


I did an introductory Life Revitalization Session with Khyati. It helped me to understand my aspirations and goals. i could develop a constructive action plan to achieve my goals. it helped me to understand my strengths and align them to achieving my goals. I think I made considerable progress in understanding my goals and aspirations with just one session. Thank you Khyati for such a well structured session.

Arati Porwal


Real life is not about structured problems and solutions. It is all about fuzzy and possibilities. Our educational system does not quite prepare us for the same. Hence we try and use the same methods which we are taught in school into real life situations and it often boomerangs.

The need is to move from a mode of intellect to a mode of empathy and emotions. Hence a shift from IQ to EQ. Though I am aware of this phenomenon, Khyati reinforced it in a neat little session and made us more aware of the need to develop EQ further.

Way to go, Khyati!!

Mohan Natarajan

Avista Advisory

I attended a CFA Society webinar – Evolve with EQ by Khyati on April 5, 2020. I was highly impressed by her insights on the impact of EQ in one’s personal and professional life. Through that session, I could figure out my values and understand myself better. I got a new perspective on a person’s values and how to understand and appreciate the people around who are different than us. I learned that the values drive the behavior of a person. If you can figure out the values of the people around you, then you can understand their situation, predict their actions, and, most importantly, improve your relationships with them. Last but not least, Khyati is a professional entrepreneur and also a helpful person.


CFA Society India

I feel grateful to have met Khyati and found a person who truly practices what she preaches . What stood out about her approach was that there was no place for blaming the system / society, it was focused on introspection and what u could do for myself. I have found I react less and respond more. I am now able to focus on the bigger picture.
We had invited Khyati to conduct a short workshop for students and doctors who work and deal with a stressful environment of cancer care . The fact that she did her homework and came prepared with a simple focus of teaching us to use our strengths to help ourselves was amazing.
There was so much positive feedback from that single workshop and great deal of interest to explore more such opportunities with her.

Dr. Nita Nair

Tata Memorial Centre

So Thankful to have a specialized session, I feel that I can now draw a straight line to achieve my goals with what needs to be done to achieve that.

Vishal G H

All the sessions with Khyati were very helpful.
She helped me Analyse my own self and to figure out how to move ahead with work or personal choices. Her sessions have been really motivating and by the end of every session, I had a new direction to look at the same thing where I felt stuck earlier. The most positive thing that happened through these sessions was that I could finally bid goodbye to the bud. I was trying to quit since quite some time and during one of the sessions Khyati simply mentioned why wait for something that you know you want to do and inspired me to not give in to the habit.Will definitely look forward to having more such sessions with her

Priya M

I would like to congratulate Khyati on the great work she is doing. Thank you for the excellent webinar on Emotional Intelligence that you conducted recently for members of CFA Society India. As someone who has worked with her in the past, it is wonderful to see her impact as a coach and mentor. Keep up the good work.

Vidhu Shekhar

Country Head, India, CFA Institute

Thank you Khyati for unlocking a limiting belief I had about my self and my ability to achieve something I have wanted to do for over 20 years now. Today in just over 3 months I have seen so much progress in myself I am amazed every day. thank you for being able to bring me to the present and then plan a way forward which has worked wonders for me. And the success in achieving this is also playing out I almost all the other areas of my life

Paul George P

It was a wonderful learning experience with Khyati. She is an upbeat coach and helped me look at my work life with a holistic approach and focus on the improvement areas to improve delivery.The session provided me lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes that I wanted to make

Shripad M

Khyati explained very well about how your own attitude and strengths will help you to achieve the set goals. YOU are the asset of your organisation. She actually bring out ME from me which will help me to be more organised and focused. She is a very good Mentor/ Business coach.

Suryakant Chavan

Khyati has a seamless way to connect with you at your level and then start building up from there. Every session has been really insightful in a self-evaluation manner and you tend to feel a difference everytime you step out of the session with Khyati.

Anand Agarwal


It was a great session, not like other regular PowerPoint sessions; motivated us certainly. The confidence came up again to motivate the team to work better and achieve more.



This was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately!

Gaurav V

The beauty of it is that in the entire process I was not told to do anything. I drove the process and felt 100% confident afterwards that I had worked out the best solution for myself

Subramani D

It was very motivating session.. I got a chance to look for my values which i had never thought of..Loved interacting with all..

Neha Kumar

Synoptek (formerly Indusa)

The session was quite interactive with lot of real life examples. I learnt many new concepts.

Dhiren Gala

It bring in focus some of my values and beliefs which is really in my practice.

Nilesh Trivedi


Good insight on values

Naini Kulkarni

It was good session helped to self introspect about myself and values.


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