10 steps to get rich, 7 steps to lose weight, 5 steps to bake a cake, 6 days to master meditation, 3 steps to get a credit card, speed dating, Phew!
Why did our ancestors think there is ‘No shortcut to success’!
I am really curious to see the results of these simplified quick fixes. If achieving health, wealth and happiness was a matter of a few quick steps, why is everyone struggling for years to get there? Why don’t they incorporate these ‘easy steps’ into school curriculums so everyone succeeds with flying colours. What is the catch?
On one hand, advanced science and medicine is promising longer, healthier lives to the human race, and on the other hand, there is an entire generation which is in a hurry. They want to get rich quickly, retire early, grow fast in careers, achieve more, experience more, all even before they hit middle age. And then we end up having millions of ‘bored’ people. Everything is ‘been there, done that’ for them. They are not looking forward to any pot of gold across the rainbow, why bother – we can get in in 5 steps!
I feel the increased access to material pleasures and unfettered spread of information – true and fake – has killed the sweet joy of getting a coveted article. I remember a childhood when new clothes or gifts were a treat to be looked forward to on birthdays or festivals, but now with easy fulfilment whenever required, this simple joy is lost. Love has also become a package deal! Shop online for the perfect match or go on a speed dating event and select from a multitude of options. Ah! What happened to the sweet romance, the furtive glances, the mystery of getting to know someone deeply, the exchange of letters. Vacations were once a time to meet friends and cousins, play, eat and play again. This has been replaced with a need to get skilled, replacing the play-times with various classes and extra-curricular activities leaving children with little time for any unstructured activities. These children grow up not knowing how to handle free-time. They are constantly bored. They need to be continuously engaged and so the vicious cycle moves on.
Let’s step back and look at nature. With change in time, the plants or animals have not speeded up their time to grow. The day is still 24 hours, the Sun and the Moon take their time rising and setting. The flowers bloom when the season is right, at their own pace. Why are we in such a hurry to get to at an unknown destination hoping for happiness once we get there? Why not stop by once in a while, smell the roses, experience happiness right here and now. Let us savour the journey, no matter how many steps!

11 thoughts on “QUICK FIX GENERATION”

  1. I agree quick fixes are more of a mind thing then really existing. But I have a question here why is this generation busy finding quick fix? Why are they cannot handle boredom?? Are gadgets and fast life the only reason for it? May be we “parents” too contribute in it.

  2. We absolutely cannot entirely blame the young generation here.

    How often do adults allow their kids to sit and do absolutely nothing?

    How long can children go without being reminded of the rat race?

    Children these days are definitely better at multitasking, albeit worse than us on focussing.

  3. Dr. Ashutosh S. Thanawala

    Well said Khyati & very apt observation of what is going around us but we choose to look other way.

  4. Thanks for your view Vandana. I fully agree, adults have to create the right environment and not get drawn into the crazy rat race themselves. Set right example.

  5. A good topic for all of us to ponder. I guess the march of Technology has taken away something precious. Keep up your writing.

  6. I have a slightly different point of view. As times have changed, so have the people. My grand parents did not have a telephone, my father did not have a mobile phone but my son was born when a kid’s learning tablet is a common thing for all kids. Same is the case in other things around. It would be wrong to delink ourselves from the world around us. The better thing to do would probably be to help our kids stay rooted to moral values of caring and sharing, make sure they know how to make the right choices and that they build their relationships around trust and understanding.. As long as the basics are in place, no matter how fast the world changes, we will still have ‘happy’ people living in it..

  7. So true, Khyati! You have touched upon a very relevant and an interesting topic to ponder. While we are all party to this quick fix style, it is part of the very human nature to continuously explore, expand and seek out new things, everyone tries out in their own way…perhaps, we should not lose sight of the people around us and all the nature that binds us together… the inherent truth of the yogic culture which is somehow eluding us all….

  8. I think we should have balance between fast moving environment and spending time with ourselves.
    Very nicely captured thoughts Coach Khyati.

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