It’s always Messy – Before it is organized

Staying organized can be easy on the 1st day and impossible on the 10th. I remember, at the beginning of every academic year, I would have new books neatly covered and labeled and arranged on the shelf. However, in no time, it would deteriorate to a mess and I would be hunting for things I need. With experience, I have learned that staying organized is extremely important for productivity as well as peace of mind. Operating in a messy,
disorganized, and cluttered space is actually stressful. When we stay organized, we tend to plan ahead and work according to schedules. It keeps us ahead of time and prepared for any obstacles that might come our way.

Indeed, Marie Kondo became famous for sharing her organizing tips called ‘The KonMari Method’. Feng Shui also talks about the circulation of life force energy as the key to vibrant health and abundance. Clearing clutter removes blocks and imbalances from your space. When you move through spaces that are lit up with fresh energy, inspiration strikes and the
most magnetic parts of your personality can come to life.

Whether you are a student, a homemaker, or a working professional, practising the following with help you get more efficient and on top of your game.

  1. Write things down: 
    Many of us tend to be procrastinators or even forget our tasks. When we write down our tasks, we solidify our tasks and also make a reminder for ourselves. It gives us a sense of satisfaction when we are able to tick off tasks on the list.
  2. Use a calendar effectively:
    When we make schedules and deadlines, we set boundaries and tasks for ourselves. With a well-planned schedule, we can jumpstart our day and avoid distractions. Having a clear plan helps in prioritizing tasks with effective time management.
  3. Fight the urge to Procrastinate:
    “Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.” – Source unknown Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing a task. An effective way to overcome procrastination is to create safe words or call to action statements pinned up prominently, that reminds us to stop postponing and get back on the task at hand.
  4. A place for everything, and everything in place:
    De-clutter and get rid of the chaos. Assign a designated place for each and every object according to their use and requirement. This saves us a lot of time and energy as we do not have to search for the items or get anxious when we are not able to locate them.
  5. Discard, recycle, donate
    Often we store objects which are not in use for random reasons. While we are aware that we no longer need these objects, we make excuses to keep them with us. These objects add to clutter. Review all your possessions and if you have not used them for a year, you are not likely to use them at all. Either discard it, recycle it, or if it is in good condition gift it to someone who needs it.
  6. Plan for unforeseen variables
    While staying organized and planned is important, unforeseen variables are impossible to judge. It is thus important to leave space for them. This could mean physical space for new objects or space on your calendar for unplanned demands on your time.

While initially staying organized might be difficult, once you start reaping the benefits, it will become a habit. Motivate yourself by focussing on the benefits – better productivity, less stress, save time, and be on time, promote clarity of thought, and more. Being organized also reflects on your personality. Organized people tend to be more goal-oriented, disciplined, and focused. As a leader, you should lead by example to cultivate a culture of being organized and bring the efficiency of the team to a higher level.

With organization comes empowerment.     
Lynda Peterson

Khyati Shah is a Transformation Coach and seasoned professional dedicated to helping people overcome limiting beliefs and balance the demands of life and career more effectively. You can reach her on .

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